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MobilAir Project

Atmospheric pollution in cities is a major challenge for public health. Adopting a thoroughly interdisciplinary approach, the MobilAir project aims to identify precise measures to significantly reduce atmospheric pollution in cities and its impacts.

Drawing on the considerable pluridisciplinary diversity of the Grenoble campus, MobilAir will develop an integrated approach in the urban area of Grenoble.

Working in partnership with local government, the MobilAir project will combine modelling, environmental measurements, recurrent surveys of local residents, cohorts with their biobanks, study of impacts on public health, direct intervention on several hundred households, by a team of researchers. Each scientist will work on one or more issues related to air pollution (economists specializing in transport, the environment and public health, sociologists, behavioural psychologists, geographers, epidemiologists, specialists in modelling the atmosphere, interaction between transport modes and land usage).